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Mauro De Bettio Photo Workshop Adventures 2 600

We are extremely pleased and excited to announce the addition of Mauro De Bettio to our talented list of photographers. Bangladesh will be Mauro’s first PWA adventure. Mauro spent the last 6 years mastering and curating this photo tour and cultural adventure. Just look at his images and you can see how much his efforts have paid off.

Mauro is a master at travel and documentary photography. Born and raised in a little village in the Italian Alps, he is now based in Barcelona, Spain.

Mauro enjoys exploring vanishing cultures, ancient traditions, and contemporary culture, always retaining the human element, spending his life working on projects regarding social and human rights issues. This curiosity for such different cultures and ways of living led him to the country’s most hidden corners to capture the emotion of several individuals and their unique histories. People of distinct cultures, characters, and dogmas, who have opened a window on their stories, letting emotions, trauma, suffering, and a perpetual light of life and joy in their eyes shine through. Mauro says, “Photography is a fantastic storytelling medium. Just ask yourself what story you want to tell and photography can bring you there”.

Mauro’s work has won numerous awards including 1st place at National Geographic Italy 2018, 1st place at TIFA, 2nd at PX3, 1st place at FIIPA, 2nd place at International Photographer of the Year, 1st place at Urban Photography, Lensculture Portrait Awards, Winner at American Photography, 1st place at All About Photo.

He has also been featured in newspapers, websites, and magazines around the world, including National Geographic, Lensculture, Dodho magazine, Lensmagazine, Condé Nast Traveler, 1X magazine, and Edge Of Humanity magazine.

Mauro will be listed on more photo tours in the coming months, including Africa, Europe and Asia. Please click here to view Mauro’s portfolio.

You can view all of our Photographer Leaders at TEAM | PWA.

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