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Explore the very welcoming Sultanate of Oman with Photographer Michael Cohen

We are pleased to announce the 9-day Oman photography adventure tour with Boston-based photographer Michael Cohen.

Let us introduce you to Oman — a country that is both exotic yet modern, rugged yet comfortable, gorgeous yet un-photographed, peaceful yet in one of the most misunderstood parts of the world. Oman is one of those rare, special places that your friends have never been to because only a few have caught on to how incredible this country is.

Oman, which is about the size of Belgium, borders Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It sits at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, with white sand beaches and mountain peaks that can rival any you’ve seen elsewhere. Our photo tour takes in all this and more.

We start in the capital port city of Muscat, where we will visit the Mutrah Souq and the Grand Mosque. We continue over 9 days, exploring coastal regions, magnificent mountains, desert dunes and ancient bedouin markets. You’ll come away with an appreciation for a region less traveled, and a culture that deserves more attention.

Born and raised in Boston, PWA Photographer Michael Cohen has traveled to some of the most photogenic spots on the globe. Michael’s images have won numerous awards, are shown in galleries and hang in homes around the world.

Oman tours run every October, through 2022.


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