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Theyam. The Traditional Ritual Dance Of South India
10 Photo Workshop Adventures Sebinster Francis India Kerala Theyyam

Celebrate the exciting Theyyam Festival, with PWA Photographer Sebinster Francis

We are all set to explore a unique festival from India with our NEW ADVENTURE to North Kerala, led by photographer Sebinster Francis, from 2021 onward. PWA has made its tours offbeat and adventurous, so much so, that we are happy to present a unique side of “Gods’ Own Country Kerala”. While we run our annual Kerala tour that explores through its natural beauty and breath-taking landscapes, there is a festival that has been added to give you a unique experience in the same land. Perfect for a photographic expedition and adventurous venture – ‘Theyyam’ is that grand festival from the cities of Kannur and Kasargod in North Kerala.

A dedicated 6-day/5-night tour that revolves around this ancient Hindu Festival, is an exclusive venture where we do not have fixed timing for the shoots. With more than 450 types of Theyyam, we can witness between 15 to 20 types during this span of 6 days. These performances take place throughout the day in various temples and they are based on the deities in each temple. Every performance is an enactment of stories from Hindu mythology, in which the gods are believed to embody the Theyyam performer.

The extravagant pageantry creates numerous opportunities for photography, with bold movements, elaborate costume and makeup; and a live ritual that we see in the temples of these regions. Some performances even incorporate fire, which makes this ritual supernatural and extraordinary. You would not want to miss such a distinctive and artistic festival. Check out some of the amazing shots in the gallery to see this ritualistic wonder and plan how you would photograph this spectacle.

To create an opportunity for you to explore the best of Kerala, dates for Theyyam Tour are set right after the ‘Kerala Tour’, for you to experience both. This is where we get to enjoy the core beauty and traditions of Kerala, at their best.


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