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Mumbai, Kolkata & Delhi Street Photography.

We are pleased to announce our wonderful new 11-day India | The Soul of the Streets Photography Adventure Tour with New York-based photographer Michael Chinnici.

Michael’s India travels have taken him to many regions of India, including both the rural countryside and the big cities. His love for the people of India can be seen in his images from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Goa, Varanasi, West Bengal, and so on. Michael soon realized that some of his most powerful imagery was coming from his street photography in the three big cities of Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi. This adventure is designed to bring you, his guest, closer to his own experiences, and his quest to capture the ultimate in street photography, portraits and fine art black and white.

An image that often pops up when thinking of India is her colorful and pure beauty, her people and their diverse lifestyles, and the truly amorphous ambience that seduces us. Busy streets greeting you with horns honking, roadside markets with their best products on display, shacks with eateries and pedestrians relishing them. These are some of the sights that we will be capturing on this magical journey of street photography. During our tour we will make our way through some of the most beautiful chaos; and get to see life on the streets of India’s three largest cities — Mumbai (formally Bombay), Kolkata (formally Calcutta), and Delhi.

As interesting as they may sound, these cities are equally diverse, in aspects of lifestyle, culture and languages used. While Mumbai is the commercial centre of India, with a fast moving city life; Kolkata remains slow-paced with historic buildings and a monotonous daily routine; and Delhi provides us with a blend of city life, insane roads perfectly placed amidst the old traces of historical monuments. All however have one thing in common — the poverty and the inner-city life that goes along with it. It’s here where we get to experience to urban soul of India.


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