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Croatia Again (Only 3 spots left)

September 14 – 22, 2024
9 Days


Yes, we say again because this photo tour has become a cherished annual tradition for us. Witnessing the growing popularity and allure of this destination year after year never fails to surpass our expectations. Croatia’s charm radiates through its quaint villages, stunning architecture, majestic National Parks, and the warmth of its people. Our leader, Roman Martin, a native of Croatia, enriches the experience with his firsthand knowledge and captivating tales from his hometown.

Even the urban landscapes here never fail to impress. Whether you’re a tourist or a photographer, the cities promise to captivate you with their endless opportunities for street photography. Our journey commences in Zagreb, the capital city, where along with other attractions, the romantic ambiance of the Upper Town, illuminated by 214 gas lanterns for the past 150 years, awaits.

Our itinerary also includes visits to the National Parks, Plitvice, and Krka, which seem to spring straight from the pages of a fairy tale. These destinations, often a bucket-list item for many, promise an ambiance and natural splendor that will leave you in awe, offering some of the most unforgettable moments for every traveler. As a photographer, prepare to immortalize these breathtaking scenes with your cameras.
We’ll also venture into Šibenik, a millennium-old town steeped in historical significance. Its meticulously preserved fortresses and ancient ramparts, spanning centuries, offer an unparalleled backdrop for photography.

Exploring the seaside villages is undoubtedly a highlight of our tour, offering a unique and captivating experience. From the breathtaking vistas of Dubrovnik to the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and the picturesque surrounding islands, every moment is a boon for photographers, with landscape photography reaching its zenith.

Recently, we revamped our Croatia itinerary to provide an even more enriching experience of the country, particularly focusing on the Dubrovnik region. Often hailed as the ‘jewel of the Adriatic,’ Dubrovnik is a photographer’s paradise, boasting iconic fortified walls and a rich historical tapestry. Despite being a part of Croatia, Dubrovnik stands out as a destination, offering a captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty that is sure to fuel your creativity.

This is how we seamlessly blend landscape, portrait, street, seascape, and architectural photography on every tour, with Croatia proving to be a resounding success in this regard. As we embark on our journey in September 2024, we extend a warm invitation to our PWA readers to join us. With limited seats available and just 3 spots remaining, secure your place now for an unforgettable experience.

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65 Photo Workshop Adventures Croatia Dubrovnic
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Croatia Photo Adventure Leader

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PWA Leader
Roman Martin

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