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Ck Lim Photo Workshop Adventures Bw Sq 600

PWA is extremely proud to announce the addition of Malaysian-born photographer CK Lim to our growing stable of talented photographer leaders. CK brings to PWA his intense photographic and travel knowledge, outstanding attention to detail, and creative vision.

CK Lim was born in the small town of Bentong, Malaysia. He’s been in love with photography since he was in secondary school. His first camera was a Yashica MG1, which his father gave him as a gift. He had to save all of his allowances to buy film and pay for printing since he was so poor. CK is self-taught and became a full-time photographer and trip organizer in 1998. He says, “Painting is the art of adding, and photography is the art of subtracting. You must explore and find simplicity in a complex environment.”

His awards include the TOP 10 World Travel Photographer Award, as well as being the winner of the “Professional Asia Traveler Photographer Award”. It’s clear that CK connects the environment with humanity. He always includes people in his compositions, and says that “people tell the stories in his images.” He goes on to say, “a good photo will speak for itself and connect the photographer with his audience.”

CK will be leading PWA Photo Tours & Cultural Adventures in Asia. He has explored many countries throughout the region, including Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China, to name a few. Please click here to view CK’s  portfolio.

​You can view all of our Photographer Leaders at TEAM | PWA.

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