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Keraniganj Shipyard Dhaka

Visit extraordinary Bangladesh with PWA Photographer Mauro De Bettio

We are very excited to announce the addition of Bangladesh to our South Asia destinations. Lead by PWA photographer leader Mauro De Bettio, this photo tour dives deep into the fabric and culture of Bangladesh, specifically the inner city of Dhaka, and the urban life that surrounds it. This is a street, portrait, and travel photography workshop at its finest. We’ll also be exploring the tea plantations in the north of the country for stunning environmental portraits and landscapes. For 10 days we will immerse you in the daily life of extraordinarily friendly and smiling people.

Known as South Asia’s greenish jewel, Bangladesh is also one of the world’s most densely populated countries. From the shipyards and brick factories of the capital city of Dhaka, to the slums of Char Kaliganj, Kawran Bazar, and Korail Bosti, our 10-day Bangladesh photo tour and cultural adventure will take you deep inside this fascinating and little known country. You will discover people who are kind, spontaneous, and welcoming towards foreigners. Our journey is sure to be a unique experience, where you will learn about the culture, the religion, the customs, and the traditions of an extraordinary people.

Building a portfolio full of original images with a strong emotional impact such as the workers in the shipyards, tea plantations, and brick factories; always with the technical supervision of a PWA photographer leader and an expert local guide. A journey full of many opportunities and experimentation in the field, all while learning the secrets and techniques of photojournalism.

These are only some of the many wonderful highlights you can expect on this adventure. To learn more, checkout the Bangladesh page. Small group photo tours run every November and January. You can also book this as a private for yourself, or with friends and family.

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: PWA photographer leader Michael Chinnici will be joining Mauro for the November 2021 adventure!


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