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Giving Back

In 2016 we launched the Young Photographers Program as a way of giving back to those less fortunate. There are many programs across the globe that help people in need of food, shelter, water, education and medicine. And while these are much needed and appreciated charity programs, as a photography inspired travel company, we wanted to give back with creativity. Our goal… give less fortunate children and young adults the opportunity to see the world through the lens of a camera, and express their creatively with photography and video. Access to a digital camera for most of these children, teenagers and young adults is nothing more than a dream. Learning about photography or how to process and print a photo is completely unattainable. Our program puts cameras, books, computers and software in the hands of young adults around the world. We accomplish this by working with community based programs, established photographers, mentors and schools, so the equipment is maintained and managed properly.

“You are sure to be inspired when you see the way children and young adults see the world through your old camera.”
Donate Your Old Digital Camera

We accept used (or new) cameras (DSLR, mirrorless and point-n-shoot), lenses, Apple® laptop computers, Adobe® Lightroom and Photoshop software, tripods, batteries, memory cards, camera bags and cases, etc. We also look for donations of instructional photography books, photo books (for inspirational purposes), instructional DVD’s, in English, Spanish, and other languages. For many of us, equipment gets old quickly. Technology changes and our interests change. Often, older equipment (and accessories) start collecting dust. That’s where we come in. Please send us anything you don’t use anymore so we can put it in the hands of a child or young adult and watch them grow creatively through your donation.

How The Program Works

When you donate your camera we make sure it finds a good home. We distribute your camera to a community program and keep track of what children are using your camera. Our resident photographers and community leaders inspire and educate. Through the process, we become inspired by the creative results of these young adults and proud of our contributions.

Stay Tuned

Throughout the year we will keep you updated on our developments.  If you are interested in donating your time or camera, please email us today.

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