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Sam | United States

I have been lucky to experience over seven trips with Photo Workshop Adventures. From my first trip a few years ago to the most recent trip, they keep getting better and better. They have an incredible network throughout out the world and one of the most extensive selections of photo experiences offered. I think that the key to the success of each trip has been the instructors that you work with. Every instructor has been very knowledgable, patient and works hard to insure that you get to create images that you enjoy. They bring a depth of experience that I have come to respect. Laurie, Michael, Seymour, Roman and Charles are all worthy of the title of "masters of their craft". They all inspire me while encouraging me to see things from many different perspectives. They truly care about the people on each excursion and love to help you progress. The accommodations on the trips are top notch and have never disappointed me. After each trip, I have felt that I have made some truly great friends and look forward to making more in the future. I would never have to hesitate to recommend Photo Workshop Adventures to anyone that wants a terrific combined photo/travel experience. It's nice to see a quality company like this succeed.”

Anja | Germany

If you really want to start photography seriously you can't find some better teachers! And it's so inspiring to see all this beautiful photos from all destinations all over the world! You can be sure to be taken to the most beautiful places in the world just in time for the best light!”

Patricia | United States

I went on Safari in Southern Africa and Botswana via Photo Worksop Adventures September 2015. I am an experienced traveler and have high expectations. Everything on the trip was professional and top drawer. Incredibly fabulous accommodations, superb photography guidance in Wildlife photographer Mike Dexter, and terrific rangers to help find marvelous animals for you. I'm thrilled with my images from predators and elephants to stars and landscapes, and highly recommend this trip. It's one I will never forget.”

Mark | United States

A very close friend and I really wanted to go to Cuba before the tidal wave of Americans could arrive and somehow influence (and not necessarily in a good way) that cool place, and we stumbled on Michael Chinnici's company, Photo Workshops Adventures, workshops... And we're very pleased that we did. Michael is not only an awesome photographer, but he knows how to lead. He's well prepared and has networked in Cuba (and I can tell pretty much everywhere he has workshops). And while my pal, Bob, and I consider ourselves pretty accomplished photographers, we both were thrilled and surprised with the places and experiences we had with Michael!!! He's very open with his technical knowledge, if one wants to learn as well as just a relaxed, fun and generous man. His staff was very easy to work with, and as you can imagine since we arranged to be in Cuba well before it was "OK" according to the US government, they made it easy for us to have all the necessary documentation. We had a wonderful experience, and look forward to our next adventure with Michael!!! Thanks so much.”

Victoria | United States

My trip with Photo Workshop Adventures was beyond my imaginings. My Photo adventure week in Naples, Capri, Positano, Pompeii, will be remembered as one of the most incredible adventures of my life. Images I have included in my portfolio with these back drops are priceless to my portfolio. The friendships made will be treasured. Thank you Michael for creating such an amazing Workshop.”

Giane | Brazil

Just inspirational! To be in a Photo adventure means that you are going to improve your skills, if you are already a photographer, or learn how to look at the world around you on a different, more sensitive way. Two passions that come together, photography and travel, thanks to PWA!”

Jane | United States

I have completed four workshops with PWA and am looking forward to two more in a couple of weeks. This is a first-class organization with expert photography mentors led by CEO/Founder Michael Chinnici. While I had always "taken pictures," I really knew nothing about photography when a friend and I registered for the Arizona workshop. Since then, I've developed skills as a photographer in exciting locations with challenging subjects ranging from puffins in the Shetland Islands to portraiture and a model shoot in Cuba to landscape and architecture in the Provence region of France. Michael and the other lead photographers truly live PWA's logo: "May all who come as guests leave as friends." Mentoring doesn't stop at the end of a workshop; it continues via email advice and photo reviews, Facebook comments and encouragement, and the network of fellow travelers who also become friends. While expert photography skills is certainly not a requirement, traveling with people having similar interests is fun. PWA's selection of hotels, dining venues, and quality locations and opportunities has spoiled me as I look forward to Sicily, Morocco, Croatia, and Kenya in the future.”

Ashleigh | Qatar

Amazing experience I recommend to anyone who is passionate about learning photography! Offering workshops in some of the most beautiful places in the world, PWA provides the perfect settings for taking amazing photos. Definitely want to go on many more adventures! ”

Herb | United States

I discovered PWA searching the internet for a trip to Cuba. The beautiful website for Cuba by PWA initially intrigued me. I was concerned that the website might be better than the trip itself. That concerned vanished the moment I met Michael in Miami to board our flight to Havana. He was an excellent host and guide and the trip exceeded every expectation. Next I found myself booking back-to-back trips to Vietnam and Cambodia. Outstanding! Ian Robert Knight (who lives in Thailand), our PWA guide for these trips, knows these countries forwards and backwards and our local in-country guides selected by Ian could not have been better. Where next? I'm heading to Thailand and looking forward to being with Ian again. The locations, hotels, meals, photography advice, and everything about PWA is first-class. Highly recommended.”

Hedda | Norway

I went to the magical carnival in Venice to joint PWA 2015, and that was such a great experience! Roman is a great photographer, he taught me a lot and took us to great spots at the right time. I can really recommend this photo workshop to anyone that wants a great trip to a fab place at the right moment, and combine that with great photo experience.”

Vivian | Colombia

Michael and his team are great. I highly recommend PWA. I went to Iceland with them and had a wonderful experience.”

Dean | United States

Great time on both the Naples/Amalfi coast trip and the Cuba trip. Michael works hard to give you a great look at your locations along with excellent places to eat. I have also made great friends in these trips, as well as a ton of great photographs.. Look forward to many more!”

Miriam | United States

I learned about Photo Workshop Adventures through a friend and I will forever be grateful to her! Being a novice photographer, and traveling for the first time by myself I was apprehensive at first if this kind of tour would be right for me. After meeting my instructor all of my concerns were laid to rest and I began the best vacation I've ever had. As a seasoned traveler, I can honestly say that this tour went above and beyond my expectations. The accommodations were great, the itinerary was on point and the instructor was awesome. My instructor not only taught me how to take better pictures but he showed me how to use my camera to see the world from different perspectives and what features on my camera could be used to do so. The tour took me to beautiful places to explore and photograph as my instructor shared cultural nuances about where we were. After a day spent on applying what was learned, rich conversations over dinner wrapped up the day and a camaraderie unfolded. This was more than a tour....this was an experience that I will remember and look forward to doing again!”

Andy | France

I truly believe that PWA is the world leader when it comes to offering vacations for photographers of any level. Its not just the choice of locations available but the company ethos. The variety of trips on offer covers all corners of the globe and continues to expand with new exciting venues added all the time. I booked a trip the same day I first found them on the internet. I had always wanted to visit Venice and to do so during the world famous carnival was too good an opportunity to miss. The trip was expertly led by Roman Martin who offers advice when sought long after the trip is over. I think I can say all who came to that trip were sad to leave. It is not just a holiday but entry into a community of like minded people from all over the globe. I remain good friends with people from my trip to this day. The company motto "may all who come as guests leave as friends" is a perfect description.”

Jon | United States

I'm from California and was new to PWA. Michael helped me plan the trip to Croatia. He gave me great advice about how to extend my journey/experience. Marko our guide/instructor was wonderful and a bit of a celebrity in Croatia where we traveled. Each day brought us to new and different image opportunities and Marko consistently challenged us to improve our technique, He was fantastic as was the whole adventure. I can't wait to find the time to go again. Thanks to all.”

Johnny | Kuwait

My wife and I have been on 2 photo workshop adventures. One to Madrid, Spain and the other to Naples, Italy. My wife is a non-photographer which made it great for a non-photographer to attend. It is an amazing experience for us to learn while traveling and be mesmerized with the places Photo Workshop Adventures prepared for us. PWA is well organized and very meticulous with each location, restaurants and exquisite sceneries we went to. For me, as a photographer, I highly recommend PWA to any one that wants to capture amazing photos and an adventure to remember. For non-photographers, there’s plenty to enjoy. From dining, museums, to walking around the city and enjoying the atmosphere.”

Tilok | United States

I have been on three workshops. This is an amazing experience for anyone interested in travel and learning about photography. I got into this because I just did not want to take snap shots when I travelled. I wanted to learn more and that you will get out of the tours. Michael is amazing. The research, the background work he has put in for each trip is so well done. I highly recommend PWA. A truly memorable experience.”

Kim | Australia

I was on the goats in the trees Morocco tour 2015 April. Just fabulous we photographed from dawn till dusk and did some night shots. Fantastic scenery, food and accommodation, Michael is a wonderful patient instructor and I loved the 9 day tour, what are you waiting for? With small groups they book out fast, go as you will do 5000+ images no doubt the best you will ever do.”

Rob | United States

I have had amazing experiences with Photo Workshop Adventures and founder Michael Chinnici. His dedication and attention to detail is very obvious. The trips are always well planned out and organized so you can devote all of your attention to photography. I have become a better photographer because of what I am always learning from these workshops. I have always come back from these trips with new friends and great photos that I am excited to show others. I just booked another trip because of my experience with PWA and Michael. He is not only a great leader and mentor but also a friend.”

Mike | Canada

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I started with Photo Workshop Adventures back in 2013. I was searching the internet for photo workshops and came across their website. I was amazed in the selection of locations available and the professionalism of the web pages. Since I had never travelled much, I took a huge risk to join Michael Chinnici in Cinque Terre. I met Michael as I was checking into the Hotel and was greeted as a friend, even though we had never met previously. Somehow we just seemed to know each other. As far as my photography was concerned I was always the one one to grab my camera and just shoot away. Michael was very patient with me and during the week we were together he mentored me on the 10 guiding principles of photography. (He always teases me about shooting Canon.) I had such an enlightening time, I signed up for the Iceland Adventure in July of 2014. Such an amazing place and another wonderful experience. April 2015 led me to Morocco, once again under the tutilage of Michael. We were a fantastic group of six students plus Michael, who I referred to the "Group of Seven". (That's a Canadian thing) At one point I took a video of the Goats in the Trees in Morocco, which has snippets of Michael as he shot his video that now has well over 26 million views. I'm planning to enroll in the China (Beijing & Singapore) and Cuba adventures in the near future.You can also see some of my photos in the Showcase Section. I've loved every minute of these adventures.”

Lara | Italy

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Michael is an outstanding visionary with a great eye, fine taste and a love for a perfect adventure. HIs tours are unique, with deep meaning, creating priceless memories!”

Sandra | United States

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My husband and I had a fantastic trip to Cuba with Michael and the PWA team 2 years ago. Our group's participants ranged from intermediate to excellent photographers, with personal equipment ranging from simple to extravagant. Michael spent quality time with every person, tailoring his comments and advise to each of our levels of experience. Obviously the trip was photographic heaven, but even my husband, traveling as a non-photog, had an amazing travel experience. Perfect organization, top-tier accommodations, and a team that knew all the best restaurants, local entertainment! I look forward to picking another destination.”

Bob | United States

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This was the best workshop I've ever attended. The experience went well beyond just photography and we had a chance to really get a real feel for the people of the country. Michael was terrific and I've already signed up for another experience.”

Pierina | Australia

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I found PWA via Google looking for a photographic trip to Venice. Trawling through the many, fascinating travel options offered I discovered The Kingdom of Bhutan. For the next month I found that I was addicted to the website hopping on every couple of days so I booked. This was a wonderful experience. From the booking process to the destination to the organisation of the tour to the incredible care, attention, competence and patience shown by Ian Knight - the trip was faultless. Ian is truly talented not only in his photographic ability but also in his ability to impart his knowledge. No detail was overlooked or neglected, this is truly a professional organisation with a wonderfully personal touch added. I look forward to booking more trips with PWA but the problem is which one as there are so many! Thanks to Ian and thanks to the team for an unforgettable experience.”

Mickie | United States

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I absolutely loved my trip with Photo Workshop Adventures. The accommodations were top notch, the small groups made for flexible and super fun days. On top of that it was one of the best ways to learn a lot about photography and very inspiring to keep learning when I got home. Planning on doing more trips with Photo Workshop Adventures in the future.”

Marsha | Canada

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I have been on four workshops with PWA and loved each one of them (two in France and two in Croatia). As everyone else says this is a terrific organization with wonderful photography leaders (Michael, Roman and Seymour) who are very accomplished and willing to share their expertise. We always stayed in first class accommodations and enjoyed fabulous food. I also like that the company has so many workshops to choose from and you can always do back to back ones if you are able to. A bonus is that the groups are small and I have always found the guests to be very friendly and passionate about their work.”

Mark | United States

Amazing travel & photographic experience! Michael is a master photographer who shares valuable lessons to improve your photographic skills with the camera and lens you have.... not the camera you think you need.”

Jose | Cuba

I met Michael while he made one of his trips to Cuba and it was a fantastic experience. His approach was professional, his respect and profound knowledge of my country, always with a warm smile and attention to detail. I was amaze by the numerous activities he conducted on daily basis and the contagious energy that everybody enjoys. This was for me a fantastic experience. Keep the good work and congratulations.”

José | Brazil

“Photo Workshop Adventure is much more than a workshop. Everything is very well planned and organized. You will be at the right place at the right time to take the photo of you have dreamed. The hotels, the restaurants are amazing, a very good selection. I have already done two workshops, Naples & Amalfi and Croatia, both of them amazing. I also had the opportunity to meet Michael in another trip, he is great friend. I would like to thanks Michael, Roman and Marko, about what I have learned in photograph in a short period of time. I recommend Photo Workshop Adventures for all my friends. You can learn about Photos, visit new places and make new friends. I am just waiting for my new Photo Workshop Adventures.”

Bettina | Germany

“WOW, these are really my photos? I can’t believe it!!! Thank you again for the great week and a good workshop. I learned so much. When I return home I will try my luck with Lightroom ;-)

Valerie | United States

“I recently had the pleasure of attending a NYC Photo Workshop Adventure weekend. I've lived in New York all my life but have never experienced it the way I did while attending the PWA workshop.  Not only is Michael an extraordinary photographer, he is an amazing instructor as well. His passion for photography combined with his expertise and knowledge of NYC really set the stage for a very unique experience. The Art of Seeing portion of the program really helped me learn to focus on what it takes to get a great shot. Michael has an amazing eye and he loves to share his many special techniques with his students. After an incredible day of shooting in different areas of the city, we continued on with the Post Production Magic portion of the workshop. Here's where my pictures were transformed from good to spectacular. We were shown different techniques on how to bring them to life through the use of editing programs. It was truly an empowering workshop!

Troy | Venezuela

“It truly was an unforgettable experience to fly around the city like that. It was my first time in a helicopter and it really blew my mind to be able to see New York City from that perspective. I loved that I was able to get a glimpse of Manhattan in the daytime and then see the awesome light show after the sun sets. Using the video camera and gyro system was also an invaluable experience. It was a great way to actually understand what goes into aerial video and photography. The pilots were not only a pleasure to fly with, but we're extremely helpful in working out and creating the shots. They were very knowledgable about the city and were just as excited to make the cool shots happen. Thanks again!”

Sherryl | United States

“For me, the day was inspiring. I drank up all that you (Michael Chinnici) spoke of during the workshop.  It's always great to hear a professional's perspective on equipment / software, etc. I learned just to keep shooting... and to take more than one shot of the same image... and to shoot the damn fire hydrant!  It was so good to have a visual and to see images and hear your perspective on shooting them.  I loved how you spoke about access and enjoyed the access we had to Ladder Co. 8 and down at the Brooklyn Bridge. The van experience was brilliant... really great to be in so many areas of the city... all in one day.  Also, it was so great to be with so many photographers all with the same passion and desire to shoot. The day was truly inspiring... and for the lunch too - I never expected such a nice gathering. Thanks also for the little tips on the street, showing me your vision... things I wouldn't have necessarily thought to look at or photograph. I think that's the best part too... the interaction between the leaders (you and Kristen) and the shooters while we are photographing ~ helping us to stretch our imagination, looking at things from a different perspective, giving encouragement.”

Michael | United States

“This is the first time I felt comfortable shooting in the city with a large camera. It was such a joy to be surrounded by people of all skill levels, all enthusiastic about photography. I felt free to explore more angles and take time to get a shot to look exactly how I wanted it to look. But my favorite part was definitely the trip over to Hoboken to catch Manhattan getting lit up by the magic hour sun. I have been wanting to take that photo for years now. I truly appreciate the research that goes into finding the great locations.”

Dan | United States

“With my background in filmmaking, I've always been interested in photography, but I never spent a full day experimenting for myself. Nor have I taken a picture of one object for an hour and then looked back to find what speaks to me. Photo Workshop Adventures gave me an opportunity to look for a "voice" or "vision" as a photographer. The morning lectures freed me up creatively. I wanted to be bold, try shooting differently. To learn by trial and error and not get discouraged, because as you pointed out, photography takes years to master. I had never taken a class in photography and so I had always used my film knowledge or guessed at a lot of things. The workshop gave me a stepping stone into the world of photography.”

Stefano | United States

“The adventure was amazing. The thrill of being able to fly over New York City in such close proximity was breathtaking. With the doors off, winding in between skyscrapers and racing cars on the bridges was just the beginning. Your talent and skill as a photographer is put to the test as you try to snap off the most scenic and beautiful pictures, while fighting the rush and thrill of being so high in the air. The crew was great as well, and made you feel welcome. The pilots were very well trained and always made you feel safe in the air. There was also something epic about going up with a fleet of three helicopters. Planning formations in the air and flying as a team around the city painted a picture for me of 'storming the city'. I could not recommend this enough to anyone interested in it, it has been the highlight of my conversations and one of the most exciting things I have ever done.”

Tyler | United States

“I am not an experienced photographer, but Michael really helped me focus on being more mindful about my surroundings by taking us to amazing local spots for subject matter. I also learned how to use my settings properly, since I had no idea how to use them before the workshop. Now, I’m able to play more with the aperture and ISO on my own. The workshop had a very relaxed feeling although if you needed help, Michael would always jump in to answer any questions or give a demonstration. The workshop group was the perfect size, which allowed for easy conversation and learning among all the students. I had a great time, thank you!”