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People, Street, Travel and Landscape Photographer


Born in Guatemala, Edgar began his professional photography career more than 15 years ago when he became fascinated with digital photography after being certified as a master in photoshop and digital postproduction.

His passion for photography led him to the creation of an online academy and a desire to travel the world. Along with his camera he has visited more than 40 countries in all 7 continents. He considers photographing people his true love, especially capturing environmental portraits. He enjoys listening and talking with the people he photographs.

Edgar has published two photography books, titled 7 Guatemala’s, and Nosotros los Guatemaltecos. He is currently working on what he considers his most intimate publication to date, Rostros y Almas (Faces and Souls), a book about people and the stories that have formed their lives. His work has been featured in several exhibits, his last one being, Los límites de la belleza (Boundaries of Beauty).

Even though some of his work is in color, his real passion is with black and white photography.

What's in Edgar's bag?

Camera Bodies – Canon 5DRS 50 mpx (primary); Canon 1ds Mark III (Backup) Canon G7x (light camera)
Prime Lenses – Canon 85mm L f/1.2
Zoom Lenses – Canon 17-40mm L f/4, Canon 24-70mm L f/2.8 Canon 70-200mm L f/2.8
Tripods – Manfrotto 055CX Pro 4, Ballhead Manfrotto 468 MQ6
Filter System – Singhray Thin ND 10 stop filter, Singhray Thin ND 5 stop filter, Polarizer filter
Bags & Backpacks – Tamrac
Laptop – Apple MacBook Pro
Software – Adobe Photoshop, On 1
Storage – Seagate HD
Tablet – Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch
Camera Phone – iPhone 7
Accessories – Black sheet, lens cleaner, extra batteries, memory cards 

Edgar leads the following adventures

All images © Edgar Monzon | All Rights Reserved | Please contact us if you are interested in reproducing or purchasing any of these images.

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