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Vivian was such a nice surprise. Along came this gracious young lady with a Sony Mirrorless camera in her hand and a big Latin American smile on her face. Wow! Vivian quickly made herself at home on our Icelandic Summer Adventure as we set out to explore this amazing island. What we noticed right away was Vivian’s desire to learn, her attention to detail, her quest for perfection and the patience needed to capture that great photo. Whether she was climbing the ridge seeking out Puffins, setting up for a long exposure waterfall shot or making friends with a herd of gentle Icelandic horses, Vivian showed us all why she’s not only a great photographer, but also a very successful independent business woman. Although we were there to mentor and teach Vivian, she taught us a few things about dedication, passion and style. Thank you Vivian.

© Vivian Osorio  |  Jökulsárlón Lagoon, Iceland  |  Photo Workshop Adventures  |  Sony Nex-7  |  Sony 18 – 55mm  |  f6.3 at 1/5 sec  |  ISO 100

This photo somehow represents one of the main reasons why I decided to go to Iceland. The first time I saw pictures of that beautiful country, was when one of my really good friends posted his photos from his latest trip, and told me how wonderful that place was. At that time, I saw this marvellous beach with black sand and pieces of ice that look kind of surreal. I just knew I had to go there sometime. Then, things simply worked out. I found the workshop, the timing was perfect, and I decided to participate.

I’m an amateur photographer, so getting Michael’s and Tim’s advice about what kind of technical aspects I needed to take into account was really helpful. Actually, that was one of the greatest things about the workshop. Even though, my knowledge of photography technique is really basic, they were always open to answer my questions and teaching me a little bit more. (see more photos below)


I’m from Colombia and I work in the toys industry. One of my biggest passions is to travel around the world. I think photography presented to me as a wonderful tool to capture memories of all the places I have been able to see. The first time I started being serious about photography was in 2009, when I decided to take a short course to at least learn the basics. From there, I just couldn’t stop taking pictures everywhere I go. There is no doubt photography has also become a passion for me.


Why did you choose Photo Workshop Adventures?

I guess it was destiny! I had been following Photo Workshop Adventures (PWA) on Facebook for a while, I don’t even remember how I found their fan page, and one day I saw a post talking about the workshop in Iceland. I had already planned a trip to Europe with my family and the workshop timing was perfect, since it would start three days after we were planning to leave our last destination. I took it as a sign and just went for it. I’m really glad I did.

What do you enjoy most about photography?

I love the opportunity it gives me to show my point of view about a certain reality or place. I think photography is a way of expressing what is important, or beautiful or simply interesting to me. Also, I think it really helps to share with people my perspective and some of the experiences I may have when visiting different places.

What are your goals and ambitions as a photographer?

I hope I can improve my skills as a photographer over time. Even though I don’t think I would pursue a career as a professional photographer, I would love to be able to have my work showcased in a gallery sometime.

A complete collection of Vivian’s photography can be viewed on her website at Flickr

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