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It was such a pleasure having Sandra and her husband join us on one of our Cuba Photo Adventures. But before coming to Cuba, Sandra made it a point to spend some time with us in New York learning the basics of photography and some of the advanced features of her Canon DSLR. The two most impressive things about Sandra (besides being such a lovely person), is her “drive” to figure it out no matter how long it takes, and the “tenacity” she puts into every creative idea that comes to her mind. Wait… there’s a third! And that would be the wonderful excitement and passion she applies to her hobby. As we began to explore the streets in Havana we watched her carefully craft her shots, concentrating mainly on composition and exposure. Using an all-in-one kit lens, she did the best she could considering the inherent limitations of the lens. We always enjoy seeing our guests spread their wings and get excited. As we photographed from morning to night, it was clear she was hunting for that one great photo. BTW, in Cuba there is no such thing as just one. It’s usually dozens. After spending over an hour at the boxing gym, we had a feeling their was a championship photo taken, based on Sandra’s excitement. Sure enough, we were right. “The Boxer” as showcased below, has been exhibited numerous times since. Sandra, we are so happy to have helped inspire you and we continue to admire your work and passion. Thank you.

© Sandra Jetton | Cuba | Photo Workshop Adventures | Canon EOS Rebel T3i | Canon EF 18-135mm at 18mm | f11 at 1/30 sec | ISO 250 | February 2014

I came away from my Photo Workshop Adventure to Cuba with thousands of photographs. I loved some, liked many, and had a fair number of fuzzy, out-of-focus, shaky tripod shots – but Michael Chinnici wisely pointed out to me that Ansel Adams said he was happy if he loved one in a thousand of his photographs.

This image of The Boxer was the one that I loved. I had watched this young man train in the ring for a while, but now he was out of breath from sparring, the sweat glistened on his body, and the angle of his head questioned if he could go the distance. To me, his story had to be viewed in black and white. In the three years since the Photo Workshop Adventure crew ignited my passion to pursue photography I’ve been fortunate enough to show and exhibit my work, including this image. Living in New York City I have ample opportunity to wander the streets with my camera (now a Fuji XT2) and I am still seeking out the people with interesting stories. On to the next one in a thousand… (see more photos below).


I’m a New Yorker by way of Memphis, TN. When I came to Manhattan in 1970, photography wasn’t my focus. I came to study opera, but ultimately found I was never going to make the Metropolitan, so I moved on to the business world where I spent the next 20 years (and where I had the good fortune to meet and work with Michael Chinnici!) For the last 10 years I’ve been able to indulge my passion for photography. I’ve studied at the International Center for Photography, and my husband and I have traveled extensively. I’m now fully focused on my camera and what’s in front of me.


Why did you choose Photo Workshop Adventures?

As I mentioned, my husband and I love to travel, and I also mentioned that I knew Michael. He had been telling me about PWA’s extensive list of photographic adventures, I studied the beautiful website and each location was calling to me, but Cuba was a “must”. Even though my husband isn’t a photographer he loved the trip – even when our group was huddled over our equipment and computers sharing the day’s accomplishments.

What did you enjoy most about the adventure?

Because our PWA excursion was perfectly organized you never had to think about anything except the incredible city – from the people who welcomed us into their homes, to the colorful crumbling parts of city where you were still aware of Fidel, Che, and the Revolution. We experienced and shot it all – from the once-glamorous Malecon to the tobacco farms, wonderful dinners in the local paladars, then music and mojitos.

What do you enjoy most about photography?

I enjoy the ability to take in a scene while trying to be invisible. I’m also drawn to unusual people and places – maybe a throwback to my early days in New York with the riots, junkies in the doorways and hookers in Times Square! My take on most scenes is a little moody, mostly black & white – but after saying all that, I have to add that Cuba pulled me into a different world, including color!

What are your goals and ambitions as a photographer?

My goal is to show my work in galleries or exhibition spaces, and I’m very happy to be experiencing some of that now with an exhibition in New York, and another one in development. Longer term I have the framework for a photography book that I’d love to see come to fruition.

Learn more about Sandra at http://sandrajettonphotography.com and on Instagram

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