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Marsha joined us on back-to-back photo adventures in Paris and Provence last year for a combination of street, cityscape, people and landscape photography. What impressed us most about Marsha was her desire to learn as much as possible. She was clearly comfortable with cityscape and landscape, and the use of a tripod and ND filters. Where she wasn’t so comfortable was with her street and people photography. In Paris we quickly discovered that Marsha never gives up. She works everything until she figures it out. She is a perfectionist with a eye for detail and composition. Perhaps this discipline comes from her career in accounting. If you study her showcased images below you will notice how her perseverance paid off. She actually excelled in the two categories she was least comfortable with. All in all, Marsha walked away with beautiful images in all the categories, many of which have won awards. One of the beautiful things about photography is the seemingly countless ways we can photograph. So it always impresses us when a photographer dives in, stretches their imagination, conquers their fears, and meets or exceeds their goals. Thank you Marsha! We look forward to seeing you in Croatia this summer.

© Marsha Fouks | Paris France | Photo Workshop Adventures | Nikon D800 | Nikkor 24-120mm f4 at 24mm | f4 @ 1/40 sec | ISO 400

Our photographer / guide Michael took our group for a night shoot to the Eiffel Tower – after all how can a photographer be in Paris and not photograph the iconic Paris landmark? An evening visit was a great opportunity to perfect our night shooting techniques and try some long exposure shots. Michael had a great pre-chosen spot for us where once the lights came on we could get beautiful shots of the bridge over the River Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Before setting up our tripods at this location, we walked right up to the tower to get a close look at this amazing engineering structure. For my photograph, I chose a wide angle view from underneath the tower as I wanted to capture the incredible details. As it was getting close to 10 PM it was getting fairly dark outside and, given that we were standing underneath the tower, the lighting was difficult. I wanted to keep the image as clean as possible (i.e noise free) so I decided that an ISO of about 400 was as high as I wanted to go with my camera. I was forced to use a wide-open aperture of f4.0 in order to give me the minimum shutter speed that I was comfortable hand holding. The end result was that I sacrificed some depth of field for sharpness. In hindsight (if possible depending on how many people there were next to me), I should have set up the tripod which would have allowed me a greater depth of field and a lower ISO. Still I was happy with how the picture turned out. Given that part of the tower that I focussed on was far enough away and that I was using a wide-angle, the aperture used did not seem to have too much of a negative effect. In both the Paris and Provence workshops we had additional opportunities for night shooting which I really enjoyed. (more photos below)


I am a very enthusiastic, amateur photographer who loves spending time with the camera wherever I am. My career was spent in accounting and auditing and after retiring a couple of years ago, I now have more time to devote to photography which has become my passion. My favorite types of photography are travel and nature although I am happy to photograph just about anything.


Why did you choose Photo Workshop Adventures?

Friends of mine actually chose the workshop in France and asked me if I was interested in going. After looking at the program and the website, I jumped at the opportunity to go. I liked the idea of small groups and that PWA’s adventures are based on photography workshops as opposed to photography tours.  I had such a wonderful experience with the Photo Workshop Adventures in France that I have signed up for another 2 of their workshops this year – I don’t think there can be a higher recommendation. The photographers that led the trips were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We all had so much fun learning and spending time with them. I also appreciated the wonderful accommodations and fabulous restaurants, many of which overlooked scenic locations.

What did you enjoy most about the adventure?

Paris is such a beautiful city and there was so much to see and photograph. At night the city was beautiful with all of the lights and reflections. In the daytime, the light reflecting off of the white buildings was awesome. Our photographer / guide Seymour in Paris knew the area so well that he was able to take us to great places and different neighborhoods for photographing and learning about the diversity of the city. At the end of the week, I felt like I had seen and learnt so much about Paris and street photography. I also liked being given the opportunity to shoot from early in the morning until late at night since I like to see and photograph as much as possible when I travel. When it came to Provence, the best part for me was visiting the smaller medieval villages and towns and seeing some incredible scenery in the countryside and along the Mediterranean Coast. I also really enjoyed the great group of photographers (both leaders and guests) that I was fortunate enough to spend time with. I really felt that the instructors in Paris and Provence wanted us to get better photographs and gave us many helpful tips throughout the workshop.

What do you enjoy most about photography?

Pursuing the “making of photographs” pushes me to be more aware of my surroundings and live in the moment. As a further benefit, photography challenges me to be creative in capturing the memories. Most of the time I appreciate the challenge of photography – there is alway so much to learn no matter how many pictures I take. I love combining traveling with photography and then sharing my experiences and stories in my travel blogs. In the last couple of years I have also been entering different photography competitions in order to challenge myself to improve.

What are your goals and ambitions as a photographer?

Being fairly new to serious photography my ultimate goal is to become a better photographer who “makes” photographs with impact as opposed to just taking pictures. I want to move “beyond my borders” by learning and trying different techniques and using my creativity and imagination to make more effective  images. However, I also realize that I am always going to love taking ‘post-card’ type shots for memories so I also want to focus on improving those types of shots. Recently I was on a bird/nature photography trip which I found very challenging so I would also like to pursue this type of photography. One other goal is to learn how to use post processing techniques to improve the photographs in a very natural way.

A complete collection of Marsha’s photography can be viewed on her website at www.marshafouks.com

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