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New Adventure: CHILE


Join us as we explore the unparalleled beauty of Chile and the mysterious allure of Easter Island!

We are thrilled to announce PWA’s next exciting destination: Chile and Easter Island! At PWA, we are dedicated to providing our guests with unique and adventurous experiences that allow them to explore their photography skills in extraordinary settings.

Chile & Easter Island


Our 14-day Chile and Easter Island photo tour begins with five nights on Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui. This remote paradise is renowned for its iconic Moai statues, extinct volcanoes, stunning white sand beaches, and breathtaking landscapes. Our visit is enriched by the involvement of residents who will share their rich history and personal stories. A standout feature of this trip is an interactive session with archaeologists, a new addition to our tours, essential for understanding the island’s significant archaeological sites. Capture the traditional lifestyles of Rapa Nui people and immerse yourself in this cultural treasure. This tour promises a complete adventure, transcending typical tourist checklists.

The Vintage Funicular In Valparaiso, Pacific Coast, Chile

Santiago and Valparaiso

We will also visit Santiago and Valparaíso, which offer fantastic street photography opportunities. In Valparaíso, you cannot miss the extensive 400-square-kilometer area adorned with vibrant street art, including murals dating back to 1969, when modern artists began transforming these walls. While much of this art holds political and historical significance, it remains an incredible subject for photography today.

Haus Mit Graffiti, Valparaiso, Chile

Atacama Desert

In Chile, our adventure continues with a visit to the Atacama Desert, culminating in the Valley of the Moon. The Martian-like landscape will astonish you and fill your camera with stunning shots. This location is a haven for astrophotographers, offering incredible stargazing and night photography opportunities. We will also explore several other surreal landforms in the region, providing more adventure and unique photography subjects.

Amazing Scenario In The Atacama Desert In Chile

Andean Village

A particular highlight of this trip is our visit to the Andean village of Toconao. Witnessing and capturing their remarkable agricultural practices amidst harsh desert conditions and their unique lifestyle will be an unforgettable experience.

Chile Photo Adventure

This photo tour offers diverse photography opportunities, from landscapes and astrophotography to artistic and cultural captures. It’s a comprehensive tour that PWA is excited to launch.

Chile has long been on our list, and we are delighted to introduce this destination starting in 2025. We aim to provide an intimate and immersive experience with small groups, ensuring a memorable group tour for all our guests.

Join us for an adventure of a lifetime, filled with unparalleled photographic opportunities and unforgettable experiences!

Moai Statues At Rano Raraku Volcano At Easter Island, Chile
Easter Island

Chile Photo Adventure Leader

Photo Workashop Adventures Laurie Cohen 400

PWA Leader
Laurie Cohen

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