October 20 - 31, 2019

July 19 - 30, 2020

October 18 - 29, 2020

July 18 - 29, 2021

Travel, Landscape, Architecture, Street and People Photography


- 12 Days

  1. -Only 4-8 Guests

  2. -Photographer | Guide

  3. -4 or 5 Star Hotels

  4. -Breakfasts + 6 Meals

  5. -3 Domestic Flights

  6. -Local Transportation



Istanbul & Turkey

Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Selcuk and more


Moonscape hills, fairy chimneys, ancient Greek temples and seaside villages.

Istanbul & Turkey Photo Adventure Vacations – Inspire, Create and Learn.

Inner Turkey has a fascinating collection of UNESCO regions and cities such as Cappadocia, Kusadasi, Pergamum and Assos. We begin with the moonscape hills and stunningly beautiful villages of Turkey’s Cappadocia region, all sights to behold. Located in the center of Turkey, the Cappadocia region includes the towns of Avanos, Göreme, Nevsehir, Ortahisar, Uçhisar and Ürgüp. We will explore the underground cities, ancient Christian cave art, numerous hiking trails and volcanos, “fairy chimney” rock formations, and taking a sunrise hot air balloon ride for a view of the breathtaking landscape from above. We will also visit the atmospheric city Selcuk. Ephesus, including the House of the Virgin Mary, where she is believed to have spent her last few days.

We begin and end in magnificent city of Istanbul, where east meets west. Historically known as Constantinople after the Roman Emperor Constantine I, Istanbul was for years the centre of the Roman Byzantium and Ottoman Empires. Home to many of the most recognizable images of the country of Turkey, such as the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque, Istanbul is not to be missed.

Istanbul is Turkey's most populous city as well as its cultural and financial center. The mosques, bazaars and Turkish baths of Istanbul could keep you happily occupied for your entire trip. On a trip to this gleaming modern city you can immerse yourself in nearly 3000 years of history from Roman ruins to Byzantine marvels, Ottoman treasures and modern amusements.

This adventure is designed not only to guide you to the most photogenic locations carefully planned for the best light, but to aid you in mentally visualizing a scene before capturing the decisive moment. Our aim is to raise your awareness and spark your creativity so that you not only go home with images to be proud of, but use your new found skills to improve and expand your photographic technique in general. Apart from the technical aspect of learning your camera settings and capabilities, you will learn how to turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary image by using your own creativity.

In addition, you will become knowledgeable on how to survey the landscape, utilize and approach your environment, photograph people indigenous to the region and the cultural considerations and challenges of photographing in a foreign country. Our time together will include individual and group discussions, inspiring ideas and great fun. Istanbul and inner and southwestern Turkey are excellent locations to learn and master your photogenic techniques. We cannot think of a better location to express your creativity.


Group Size

4-8 Guests

Experience | Difficulty

Beginner, amateur, enthusiast and semi-pro photographers

DSLR, mirrorless, compact or iPhone cameras

Busy schedule

Travel by minibus, car and airplane

Moderate elevation changes and lots of walking

(non-photographers also welcome)

Photographer | Guides

Roman Martin  |  October 20-31, 2019

Roman Martin  |  July 19-30, 2020

Roman Martin  |  October 18-29, 2020

Roman Martin  |  July 18-29, 2021

Weather | Sun

July - Temps 72-80/64 F  22-25/16 C  Sunrise 5:48 | Sunset 8:34 (20:34)

October - Temps 68-76/55 F  20-24/12 C  Sunrise 7:10 | Sunset 6:27 (18:27)


Travel, landscape, seascape, architecture, street and people photography

Professional photographer | guide

Photo walks & discussions

Small group size (4-8 guests)

4 or 5 star hotels


4 dinners and 2 lunches

Private guide and driver

3 Domestic flights (Istanbul > Cappadocia > Izmir > Istanbul)

Local transportation


Istanbul - Arcadia Blue Hotel, Hotel Sultania, Eresin Crown Hotel or similar

Cappadocia - Yunak House Cave Hotel or similar

Kusadasi - DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Charisma De Luxe Hotel or similar

Travel Information

Arrival & Departure Airports: Istanbul, Turkey (IST) - Travel time to our hotel 45min

Our adventure begins at 2 PM on the first day and ends at noon on the last day.

Travel Visa: A visa may be required depending on your nationality. Go to Visa Map to find out.


Hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia (optional - fee applies)

Helpful Links

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> Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel - by Michael Chinnici

> 20 Days in Turkey - by Michael Chinnici

> Things to Do in Turkey - by Team Think Orange



Photo Adventure Vacation | October 20-31, 2019:  $8,495

Photo Adventure Vacation | July 19-30, 2020:  $8,995

Photo Adventure Vacation | October 18-29, 2020:  $8,995

Photo Adventure Vacation | July 18-29, 2021:  $9,395

Single Supplement:  $1400

(Optional) Early Arrival Hotel Room:  $300

(Optional) Late Departure Hotel Room:  $300

Deposit:  $1000


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*All prices are per person and based on double occupancy. Please select single occupancy for a private room. For your convenience we offer optional early arrival and late departure accommodations so you can extend your stay before or after the trip. We typically stay in boutique hotels in the 4-star category. Not all destinations offer these types of properties. We look for unique hotels which offer cultural, historic and/or authentic features. Depending on the size of the group, smaller boutique hotels may have limited room inventory. In some countries or in remote locations, we may be limited to lodges or branded chain hotels. Breakfast is included only if included in our room rates.


Day 1 | Istanbul

We meet in the afternoon at our hotel in the Sultanahmet section of Istanbul. We begin with an informal discussion on what our guests are trying to achieve in their photography, subject matters, styles and techniques. After we will take a photo walk of this magnificent and magical city, home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites. We’ll explore the Galata Bridge which links Old Istanbul and Beyoğlu via the Golden Horn. Walk north through Karaköy (Galata) and uphill to Galata Tower. In the evening we celebrate with our “Welcome Dinner” at one of our favorite Istanbul restaurants. (D)

Day 2 | Istanbul - Cappadocia - Red Valley - Uchisar

After breakfast we depart for the airport and fly to amazing Cappadocia. En route we will discuss PWA’s “10 Guiding Principles to Great Photography” as well as our “THE ART OF SEEING” photographic technique. In Cappadocia we begin by visiting one of the fascinating subterranean cities complete with a ventilation system and a water well. We’ll visit a winery with rolling stone doors and focus on soft light photography in the Red Valley and the natural rock citadel of Uchisar. Our Cave Hotel will amaze you. It’s carved into the side of a mountain, as are many of the homes, hotels and churches in Cappadocia. (B) (L)

Day 3 | Cappadocia - Goreme Valley - Fairy Chimneys - Zelve

Cappadocia is home to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Goreme Valley. The lunar like landscape of this region is eerie, yet beautiful. Over thousands of years, the rain has eroded this landscape to give rise to strange rock formations known as “Fairy Chimneys”. Many of these have homes and churches carved into them. Some of the grottos are magnificently decorated with colorful frescoes depicting biblical scenes. Just imagine the amazing photographic opportunities! In the afternoon we visit Zelve, which became one of the most important settlements and religious centers for the Christian community between the 9th and 13th centuries. (B) (L)

Day 4 | Cappadocia - Balloon - Dervent Valley - Pasabagi

We depart in the early morning hours for an optional Hot Air Balloon (additional fee) ride over Cappadocia. Here we will capture the morning light and photograph the intense rock formations in the Dervent Valley. In the afternoon and evening we work on some soft light photography in the hidden monastic valley of Pasabagi. (B)

Day 5 | Izmir - Kusadasi

After breakfast we depart for Kayseri Airport for a domestic flight to Izmir, where we will begin our exploration of the western coast of Turkey. Upon arrival we will transfer to Kusadasi and our hotel on the sea. Here you can rest and enjoy the features of our wonderful hotel or walk the streets and docks of the seaside village. (B)

Day 6 | Selcuk - Ephesus - Sirince

After breakfast we devote the entire day to sightseeing in and around the atmospheric city Selcuk. Ephesus, the largest ancient city ever uncovered includes an amphitheater which can still hold 24,000 spectators, marble covered streets, gymnasiums, public latrines, the library of Celsus and the temple of Artemis. Next we visit the House of the Virgin Mary, where she is believed to have spent her last few days. And finally the historic hill village of Sirince, where we will photograph the old houses and local merchants. Dinner is included. (B) (D)

Day 7 | Kusadasi - Istanbul - Palaces - Spice Bazaar

On day seven we depart Kusadasi for our return flight to Istanbul and check back into our hotel. After lunch we begin our photo walk of this magnificent and magical city, home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites. We’ll explore the Spice Bazaar where the scent of hundreds of spices permeates the air and embark on a cruise of the Bosphorus. Along the way we will view the Dolmabahce Palace and the Beylerbeyi Palace, a 19th century palace on the Asian side of Istanbul. Dinner is included. (B) (D)

Day 8 | Istanbul - Blue Mosque - Topkapi Palace - Grand Bazaar

We begin our day before sunrise with a walk through Sultanahmet. After breakfast we view the amazing Blue Mosque whose interior walls are covered with 20,000 blue Iznik tiles and magnificent Topkapi Palace, once home to the great Sultans and filled with treasures and antiquities including 12,000 pieces of fine Chinese porcelain. After we enjoy a wonderful lunch at the Konyali Restaurant, located within the gardens of Topkapi Palace with its amazing views of the Marmara Sea and the Asian Side of Istanbul. We continue to explore the Hippodrome and domed Basilica of St. Sophia, which has inspired architects and religious leaders for over 1,500 years. And finally the Grand Bazaar, built in 1457. (B)

Day 9 | Istanbul - Beyoğlu - Karaköy (Galata) - Taksim Square

We start with a brief review of some of your favorite photos to date. Then we explore the romance of late Ottoman Istanbul on a walking photo tour of Beyoğlu, and a visit to the sultan's most lavish palace. We start with Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn which links Old Istanbul and Beyoğlu. Take in the view, then walk north through Karaköy (Galata) and uphill to Galata Tower. İstiklal Caddesi (Independence Avenue) is the heart of Beyoğlu, the more modern district of Istanbul built during the 19th century. We’ll visit Taksim Square which is the heart of modern Istanbul. After lunch we go downhill to Dolmabahçe Palace. With a façade almost 400 meters (1/4 mile) long, this is the mother of all Ottoman palaces, and a must-see if you're into magnificence. The evening is yours. We suggest possibly trying the Turkish Baths. It’s a great way to end a long day. (B)

Day 10 | Istanbul - Black Sea - Şile - Ağva - Maiden’s Tower

We depart Istanbul early in the morning for a day trip to the Black Sea villages of Şile & Ağva. Heading northeast of Istanbul on the Anatolian side, we will arrive in Sile, a small Black Sea fishing town situated on rocks. Known for its sandy beaches and famous Sile bezi, an open-weave cotton fabric, it is the perfect first stop. Once a port of call for ships sailing east from the Bosphorus, enjoy a stroll along the fishing harbor or relax with a tea at the hilltop cafe overlooking the Sile lighthouse. On the way to Agva we come across picturesque traditional Turkish villages like Kabakoz and Suaybli where time seems to have stood still. So near to Istanbul distance-wise, yet so far in their way of life. Experience the friendliness and curiosity of these villagers.

Continuing along the coastal route we arrive in Agva, deep in nature and situated between the Yesilcay and Goksu rivers that flow into the Black Sea. Upon arrival you will find peace in a leisurely boat ride down the Goksu river. Set in a landscape so green and rich, bask in the sights of Agva. After taking in a magnificent view overlooking the sea and bluffs, we will break for lunch where you may dine on the local fish. Next you will have a choice to truly unwind in the beauty of the Black Sea region by either relaxing along the Goksu river, or on one of Agvas sandy beaches. Surrounded by forest and cliffs, the fresh, blue green waters of the sea are calling you. Get lost in nature. In the late afternoon we return to Istanbul and photograph to famous Maiden Tower at sunset on the Asian side of Istanbul. (B)

Day 11 | Istanbul - Sultanahmet - Basilica Cistern

We begin our morning with a photography discussion and a review of work to date. Afterwards we depart for several neighborhoods in old Istanbul with a focus on photojournalism and street photography. We will visit the Basilica Cistern – This is the largest underground reservoir in the city, constructed in the 6th century to supply water to the Great Palace of Constantinople, Topkapi Palace and others. In the evening we prepare for our “Farewell Dinner” at another one of our favorite restaurants of Istanbul. (B) (D)

Day 12 | Istanbul

While enjoying breakfast we conduct our final group discussion, review our past weeks photos, trade contact information and bid you farewell. You may however, book extra nights with us and extend your stay in Europe or Asia and apply all the wonderful photographic techniques you learned on this photo adventure. (B)

May all who come as guests... leave as friends®

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