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What can we say about Jane that hasn’t already been said by everyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting her? She’s one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. She’s smart, kind, gentle, creative and fun. We’ve watched with joy of the past few years as Jane has grown as a photographer. Initially asking us for our advice on a camera purchase, to her first ever photo adventure in Arizona. But it was in 2014 that Jane really started to shine. We noticed how she kept fine tuning her approach to photography, learning more about the technical aspects, about composition and light, and always digging deeper for answers. Jane is a fast learner and when she enjoys something (like gardening), she dives in head first. Imagine being a beginner and having the sheer ambition to head to the Shetland Islands and attempt to conquer bird photography. Jane continues to be an inspiration to us all at PWA. Jane is off to Kenya with us next year to explore wildlife photography, and perhaps even Cuba to explore people and street photography. A lifelong friend of PWA, thank you Jane for just being you and especially for your smile :).

© Jane Jamison |  Shetland Islands. |  Photo Workshop Adventures  |  Canon EOS Rebel T5i  |  Tamron 18-270mm at 270mm  |  f6.3 at 1/400th sec  |  ISO 320

On Monday of our Photo Adventure, PWA photographer Johan Siggesson and I visited Sumburgh Head at the southernmost tip of Shetland’s Mainland hoping to photograph some of the resident 2,000 Puffins. In reviewing my images, Johan noted that the Puffins were slightly “fuzzy” and diagnosed/corrected my problem. On Friday when we returned from “the North,” it was raining hard and the wind was strong. Nevertheless, we decided to return to Sumburgh Head for a “do-over” of Puffin shots. I captured this image wearing a flapping blue poncho and trying to keep my camera dry in the midst of the rainstorm. That’s probably the reason this little Puffin is heading for its burrow—pure fright! I love the glistening raindrops on its back. (see more photos below)


Retiring after working 43 years has allowed me to focus on enjoying life outside the world of public education. Two of my passions (gardening and travel) are closely linked with photography. While I have always ”taken pictures,” I have only recently begun to explore photography in more depth in order to improve my skills, both artistically and mechanically. I enjoy the challenges and rewards of this element of life-long learning.


Why did you choose Photo Workshop Adventures?

While traveling with friends in Italy in 2012, I met PWA Founder, Michael Chinnici on a train from La Spezia to Lucca as he was finishing a workshop. I was intrigued with his approach to travel and photography. After checking out the Photo Workshop Adventures website, a friend and I did our first workshop in Arizona in Spring 2013. In addition to the professional mentoring, I appreciate PWA’s selection of ideal locations and times for capturing quality images.

What did you enjoy most about the adventure?

The Provence and Shetland Island’s photo workshops in 2014 were totally different. There were two photographers and 11 guests in Provence and only 1 photographer and me in Shetland; yet I thoroughly enjoyed both. Accommodations (whether 4-5-star hotels or quaint inns) and scenic meals (whether classy restaurants overlooking the sea or picnics on rocky cliffs) were wonderful. The diverse group in Provence were generous in sharing techniques and strategies.  Most of all, I appreciated the selection of venues, whether planned or random while traveling, and a pace slow enough to allow full exploration of individual interests.

What do you enjoy most about photography?

Exploring photography as a hobby has encouraged me to see the world differently and to focus on details often missed in a hectic lifestyle. Photographing in different venues for different purposes is intriguing and challenging because each requires unique techniques and perspectives. I’ve found that photography teaches patience, perseverance, and flexibility—all excellent life lessons. A neat bonus is a sense of accomplishment when I capture a good image.

What are your goals and ambitions as a photographer?

In the immediate future, I want to explore more sophisticated post-processing techniques to enhance the images I capture. I want to learn more about shot selection, framing, and appropriate settings. And, of course, I want to do all of these tasks in diverse locations around the world that seem to keep multiplying on my wish list.

A complete collection of Jane’s photography can be viewed on her website at Jamison Photos.

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