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Shreya Patel Photo Workshop Adventures Bw Sq 600

We are excited to announce the addition of wildlife and nature photographer Shreya Patel to PWA. Shreya’s photographic talents combined with her love and passion for wildlife (and Africa), have brought her instant recognition and fame.

Shreya Patel is a published wildlife photographer, as well as a cytologist by profession. Born in India and raised in Piscataway, NJ, she is currently based in Atlanta, GA. She started her photographic journey six years ago by attending photography school, where she learned all genres of photography. Although she is highly skilled in macro, landscape, and night photography, wildlife photography is where her true passion lies.

When she photographs wildlife, she focuses on capturing the emotions behind the subject. Her love of wildlife and photography has led her to travel around the world to pursue her passion. As a photographer she has traveled to over 15 different countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, and India. She has been to Masai Mara many times during her photographic journey and calls it her “happy place”.

Her work has been published in the book Meeting of Nature Photography and Cinematography 2019, Portraits of a Changing World, multiple issues of Paws Trails wildlife magazine, and numerous travel websites.

She tries to convey to the world how beautiful wildlife and nature can be by capturing those moments and documenting the stories through her camera lens. She will make sure you get the best images possible that create memories for you.

Shreya’s first tours will include Africa, United States, and India. Please click here to view Shreya’s portfolio.

​You can view all of our Photographer Leaders at TEAM | PWA.

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