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A Southeast Asian Odyssey through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam with Ian Robert Knight.

We are pleased to announce the Southeast Asian Odyssey photography adventure tour with Bangkok-based PWA photographer Ian Robert Knight from March 1st to March 14th, 2021.

The 14 day Southeast Asian photography tour will take you to the best destinations in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, which in colonial times in the nineteenth century used to be called French Indochina.

The tour will start in modern Thailand, a modern country very comfortable as a tourism leader in the region. Its temples, elephant sanctuaries, bustling and hustling commerce, and its world-class cuisine and restaurants are now familiar worldwide. We’ll visit Bangkok and Chiang Rai, where we will cross the border into Laos and embark on a cruise down the Mekong River toward Luang Prabang. With temples unchanged in hundreds of years, big cities with no traffic lights, and a population that largely depends on boats as the only means of transportation, you really get the feeling you’re in a different world.

We will then visit Vientiane, one of Asia’s most charming capitals, and fly to the historically fascinating city of Hanoi in fast-paced Vietnam, where we will end the tour. Mixed among the modern elements are countless monuments to the country’s past, and neighborhoods with centuries-old shophouses. It’s a study in contrasts, and it’s what makes Hanoi so irresistible.

In 2022 the photography adventure tour will take place from February 6th to February 19th.


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