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05 Photo Workshop Adventures Ethiopia Omo Valley Mauro De Bettio
11 Photo Workshop Adventures Ethiopia Omo Valley Mauro De Bettio

Visit Ethiopia’s Amazing Omo Valley with PWA Photographer Mauro De Bettio

We are very excited to announce the addition of Ethiopia to our South Asia destinations. Lead by PWA photographer leader Mauro De Bettio. 

Just north of Kenya lies Ethiopia’s fascinating Omo Valley. Our 10-day Ethiopia photo tour and cultural adventure into the valley is a true kaleidoscope of culture, tradition, and terrain. This is a journey into one of Africa’s last unexplored frontiers. Home to some of the most unchanged tribes and people within the civilized world. The Omo Valley is cohabited by a colorful mix of tribes, including the Dorze, Karo, Hamar, Dassanech, Ari, and Mursi.

After Omo we will fly to the north to photograph the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela. The 11 medieval monolithic cave churches of this 13th-century ‘New Jerusalem’ are situated in a mountainous region in the heart of Ethiopia near a traditional village with circular-shaped dwellings. Lalibela is a high place of Ethiopian Christianity, still today a place of pilgrimage and devotion.

This exclusive trip will host a maximum of only 8 guests. A respectful and sustainable formula to guarantee and protect the uniqueness of genuine populations, not contaminated by tourism, where every photographer will have the opportunity to portray authentic places and faces. Building a portfolio full of original images with a strong emotional impact; always with the technical supervision of our photographer leader and an expert local guide. A journey full of many opportunities and experimentation in the field, all while learning the secrets and techniques of photojournalism.

These are only some of the many wonderful highlights you can expect on this adventure. To learn more, check out the Ethiopia page. Small group photo tours run every January and September. You can also book this as a private for yourself, or with friends and family.


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