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Carolyn joined us recently on our Cuba and Morocco Photo Adventures where she had the opportunity to put her photographic skills to the test. Although seasoned photographers might consider Carolyn a beginner, with just 5 years of experience under her belt, it was clear right from the beginning that Carolyn’s images were quite outstanding. One of the key successes to people photography is the ability to connect with your subject. Carolyn proved that she did this extremely well. Carolyn also has a really great eye, which is perhaps the most valuable asset a photographer can have. With street and people photography, there is an art to identifying the opportunity, composing the shot, selecting the correct exposure and capturing the image before the person’s facial expression changes or the essence of the moment evaporates. Once again, Carolyn does this extremely well (and all in a rather stealth like manner). You don’t even know she is there taking a photo. It’s a wonderful thing to become so passionate about something like photography later on in life, when you have the freedom to explore and learn. Carolyn has done just that. And who knows where she will go from here. Carolyn is headed next for Sicily (and maybe even India)!

© Carolyn Suer | Havana, Cuba | Photo Workshop Adventures | Fujifilm X-T1  | Fujifilm 18-135mm @ 104mm | f16 at 1/45 sec | ISO 6400 | October 2016

This image was made in while walking through the streets of Old Havana, Cuba. For me, this image captures the essence of vintage Cuba and its people. I was lucky to have three important elements come together in one frame: the old car, the colorful, aging architecture and the man on the stoop. These three themes were a constant during the adventure and provided many photo opportunities. (see more photos below)


I took up photography about five years ago as an empty nester facing retirement. Being relatively new to photography, I enjoy the camaraderie and support of other like minded people on tours such as Photo Workshop Adventures. Photography has quickly become a passion that blends with my desire to see more of the world with an outlet for my creativity.


Why did you choose Photo Workshop Adventures?

I chose PWA based on the small group size, the locations of the tours and the fact that they are designed to optimize your time and help you get the images you want.

What did you enjoy most about the adventure?

We were taken to several locations which gave us a variety of photo opportunities. I also enjoyed the fact that we went on early morning and late afternoon walks that provided beautiful light and scenes that weren’t available to us at any other time of day. Michael and the other tour leaders were very organized and readily available with advice and assistance.

What do you enjoy most about photography?

I enjoy the fact that photography provides a reason to get out and enjoy the world while also being a very rewarding form of self-expression.

What are your goals and ambitions as a photographer?

As a relative newcomer to photography, I would like to continue to learn new techniques that will further my ability to make images that communicate with the viewer.

Learn more about Carolyn at csuer.smugmug.com


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