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BARCELONA, September 07 – 12, 2024

We’ve launched our “Soul of the Streets” photo tours and workshops, emphasizing the vibrant essence of street life and presenting an excellent opportunity for street photography enthusiasts.

Our leader, Laurie Cohen, who was raised in London and has extensive experience living in Spain, will lead these consecutive European street photography destinations—London and Barcelona.

During this tour, we’ll traverse Barcelona, beginning with iconic sites such as Las Ramblas, the Borne District with its medieval streets, Arc de Triomf, Encants market, and more. Delving deeper, we’ll dedicate ample time to capture the enchanting beauty of the Gothic Quarter, where architectural marvels will captivate you. Throughout, we’ll experiment with diverse photography skills and techniques to capture both the essence of the places with bustling crowds and the serene moments of solitude, utilizing spontaneous subjects to enrich our compositions.

The Vintage Funicular In Valparaiso, Pacific Coast, Chile

Gracia District

An exclusive highlight of our tour is the visit to the Gracia district, offering a distinct ambiance from the city center. Renowned as the most authentic neighborhood of Catalan, it preserves the use of Catalan language. This locale provides an ideal backdrop for photographing pro-independence sentiments and vibrant graffiti. Additionally, we’ll explore the houses, streets, and people of the iconic Eixample district. Be prepared for extensive walks and abundant photo opportunities throughout.

Each day promises a unique experience, from the vibrant city life to the quaint streets of villages and the industrial neighborhoods, providing an opportunity to explore various facets of street photography and gain a broader perspective of Barcelona.

Haus Mit Graffiti, Valparaiso, Chile

Soul of the Barcelona Streets

Throughout the tour, we’ll master the art of capturing candid photos of strangers, fostering connections, and immortalizing beautiful memories with both people and places. After all, a city’s essence is best revealed through its streets, where diverse communities intersect.

Our sessions will be diverse, including morning and afternoon golden hour shoots, sunset sessions, night photography sessions, and more, ensuring that each day of this workshop offers a distinct and enriching experience.

Ready to embark on a captivating journey through the soul of Barcelona’s streets? Join us on our “Soul of the Streets” photo tour and workshop, where you’ll hone your photography skills, capture unforgettable moments, and immerse yourself in the vibrant essence of the city. Reserve your spot now to secure your place in this extraordinary adventure!

Amazing Scenario In The Atacama Desert In Chile
Easter Island

Barcelona Photo Adventure Leader

Photo Workashop Adventures Laurie Cohen 400

PWA Leader
Laurie Cohen

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