Born in Romania | Lives and works in Haifa, Israel

Photo Adventures Attended:  Madrid, Naples and Amalfi & Dubrovnik

George Szanto first joined us in Madrid, Spain back in the spring of 2011 and then again in September 2012 in Naples, Italy. After meeting George we knew instantly he was a great photographer. A very quiet and modest man, almost stealth like in his picture taking technique, George can capture scenes that most can’t even see. George’s photographs convey a feeling, speak to you and often tell a story. It’s always a pleasure to hear that this very talented photographer will be joining us on another workshop.

  © George Szanto  |  Positano, Italy  |  Photo Workshop Adventures  |  Canon EOS 5D Mark III   |  24-70mm f2.8   |  Exposure: f4 at 1/500 sec   |  ISO 400

The picture above was made in Positano during Photo Workshop Adventures Naples & the Amalfi workshop. Even though it was the middle of September there were still quite a lot of tourists, creating the usual animation, rush and noise. Walking on the beach and chatting with Michael, I soon spotted this man sitting on the ground in a quite corner, leaning against some plastic tubes and selling cheap jewelry. I am used to making street photography without asking permission, but in this case I politely asked and I got a yes with an almost imperceptible nod. I exposed twice and left without thanking him in a similar discrete way.

I liked the calmness of the man, the contrast between his colorfulness and the grey of the tubes, the structure of the tubes and the almost symmetrical way the tubes were arranged. I thought about deleting the flowers popping up from behind his left shoulder, but eventually decided not to do so. The frame was made with Canon D5 Mark III, f/4, 1/500, ISO 400. My post-processing was very simple, including a bit of cropping.  (see more photos below)


My real name is Gheorghe Szanto or G/Szanto or George for short. I am an electrical engineer born in Romania and living in Haifa, Israel. Photography is my passion for a long time, although this hobby has had its ups and downs. The digital era opened a lot of new possibilities for me (both technically and conceptually), and has made me a much better photographer. I am an amateur, keen to learn and develop my skills. In recent years a good part of my photographs has included street photography and snapshots. I really enjoy life’s small events which result in photos that represent day-by-day life.


Why did you choose Photo Workshop Adventures?

It happened by chance. I just came back from a successful trip in London and "blameworthy" I searched the internet for my next possible destination. Since I never attended a workshop abroad before, I didn’t know what to expect. But it seemed simply perfect by both the timing, the location and the program. The workshop was very interesting. It was simply amazing how in a very short time, a group of photographers who never saw each other, who have different interests, and who are at different levels, are forming a happy and photo focused team. I am sure that everybody left the workshop with a positive experience. When returning home I am often asked what I learned during the workshop. My answer... For me the best of the workshop was to be for six days together with people keenly interested in photography, discussing photography, sharing their knowledge and experience. Michael is great in sharing his own experiences and providing the logistics necessary for this workshop. It was an amazing experience.  

What do you enjoy most about photography?

Photography, on one side, is a way of searching for the unusual, for a fresh point of view beyond the usual cliche. On the other hand, photography has to deliver the message to the viewer who might be unaware about all the circumstances involved when the photograph was taken. In my opinion every good photographer has a story to convey, including the photographers conceptual, esthetic and technical skills. Finding the right balance between the practically infinite number of possibilities standing before the photographer, seems to be the most enjoyable part of photography. 


What are you goals and ambitions as a photographer?

I am and I probably will remain an amateur photographer. However I am interested in developing my skills and learning new types of photography accessible to me. My next goal could be to try to express myself through photographic sentences.

A complete collection of George’s photography can be viewed on his website at Flickr

More images from Naples & Amalfi, Italy and Madrid, Spain.


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